Micaela Shalane Nauman
A traveler at heart, I found myself in San Diego, California over seven years ago after a life-changing first trip abroad. My passion for design thrives off experiencing other cultures and the beautiful world around us. Inspiration is around every corner. 
I believe design not only has the power to excel brands, but to be a positive change in the world. Design is  storytelling. From the design of a package, to the typography on a printed piece, or the layout of a website, everything tells a story. The best part about being a designer, is the challenge of making that story come to life.
I'm currently pursuing my dream of being a digital nomad, and with three years on the road under my belt, I have now worked remotely in over 50 countries!  I work with a variety of clients from around the world, all while chasing adventure and endless sunshine! Before I jetted off, I previously served two years as a board member and brand communications manager for the AIGA San Diego chapter, as well as freelanced for design firms all over the San Diego community. 

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